Faolchu: The Last Wolf of Eire

I was born in the land of green,
to parents gray and lean
and the dance went on to the thunder.
The strength of the pack of Eire.

The pack was three,
my parents and me,
The last of the great wolves of Eire.

Thunder rocks the hills,
but there is no rain,
shots ring out
in the distant sky,
but we were fleet, the wolves of Eire.

I grew tall and swift, fed on the feast of the Roe
But bliss never lasts past the dying breath
And man took my mother from me,
Blood to the last wolf of Eire.

No answer to the call
Father, I go on
Searching the last wolves of Eire

Sing the call,
Voice the night,
Run on, sweet feet,
Father's cry in the dark
A shot, I am the last wolf of Eire.

To be able to roam where I please
moving chainless like the oceanic breeze
It was bliss for the week that I ran,
Man made me the last wolf of Eire.

I was the last,
I was alone in a grassy sea,
The last of the great wolves of Eire.

Loneliness took me, no answering voice
Rhiannon's last song in my ears
I echo out,
the last dying shout,
Here cries the last wolf of Eire.

The call reached the ears of the Mother,
Sorrow carried, a wail to the sky
No pack, just me,
Come, Mother! Come help the last wolf of Eire!

Mother's touch
Soft hands stroking my fur,
Shifting the last wolf of Eire

My legs grew long, the body behind,
Power flew, Mother's touch awakened
Song! Voice!
The call echoes
Fear, Man! I am Faolchu! The Last wolf of Eire!

Watch what you do on misty nights
when the forests are full of flickering lights.
This land is mine, I claim it for life,
the spirit of the last wolf of Eire.

The strength of the last wolves of Eire.

Close your eyes as you walk the faerie mounds
If you have no fear I'll be there.
Smell my fur in the wind,
hear my call in your soul,
touch minds with the spirit of Eire.


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